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Volcanoes from source to eruption:

There is tremendous value in exploring volcanomagmatic systems from different perspectives and so we welcome contributions with a wide variety of approaches and from a wide array of settings. Volcanism has been key through Earth history, therefore metavolcanic provinces are important for understanding geological evolution as well as relationships between volcanism and development and changes in climate. In turn, active volcanism is intimately linked to society and therefore volcanomagmatic systems have important implications for volcanic hazards and climate change. The roots of volcanomagmatic systems where partial melting occur are fundamental to holistic investigations of volcanoes. Studies may delve into sources, from the mantle, subcontinental lithospheric mantle, or crustal anatexis, as well as the source lithologies and processes of melt generation. Processes of magma evolution aid our understanding of magma chamber dynamics as well as revealing clues about magma ascent and volcanic eruptions. Additionally magma plumbing systems and the emplacement of intrusions, allow the relationship between the intrusive and extrusive system to be explored. Volcanic eruptions provide opportunities to study eruption dynamics, physical volcanology and volcanic products and their deposition, as well as eruption history and volcano monitoring. Applications of research into volcanomagmatic systems include volcanic hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction, mineralization and ore formation, as well as volcano-geothermal, so called high enthalpy geothermal systems.

We invite contributions implementing a wide range of approaches, including and not limited to, investigating textures, minerals, glass, vesicles, whole rocks, volatiles, by geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy, experimental studies, AMS and modelling.